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How corporate yoga will help your business

Studies have found that employees feel much better at work if they incorporate some kind of activity prior to coming into the workplace. This means that they have more energy, are in a better mood and are better equipped to handle their workload for that day.

For some employees, it’s possible to get that movement in before they begin their workday, but for others, making it to the workplace on time can be an achievement. To ensure the wellbeing of their employees, it is important for employers to incorporate wellness programs within their offering. Physical activity will only help improve the health of employees, which has a significant impact on the company’s performance.

The question is, why should an employer incorporate yoga within their corporate wellness program? Well, yoga has historically proven to have a great impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals who practice it. Furthermore, a lot of well-known companies such as Google and Apple have also incorporate yoga within their wellness offerings and seen the benefits of it.

Looking into the benefits of yoga in the workplace, the most significant ones that come up are:

Helps alleviate common body aches

When we work from a desk, we tend to slouch and strain the neck. As much as we’d like to work in perfect posture, it most often doesn’t happen. While we don’t recognize the long term impact, working in such a manner causes back and neck pain, shoulder stiffness and is overall unhealthy.

Working in constant discomfort reduces productivity significantly. If an employee is distracted by the pain or stiffness, they’re less likely to focus on the task at hand. Yoga is great for stretching and incorporating dynamic movements to alleviate pain and tension in the body.

Helps increase energy levels

A workday can be stressful and that’s inevitable. As an employer, you need to think about how you can reduce employee stress levels so that they can perform better. Working non-stop increases stress, but taking a break to add some movement in the middle of a workday actually helps increase energy.

Any kind of movement, even if it’s just standing up and doing a few stretches, helps alleviate stress. Movement helps increase blood circulation which means more energy and a better mood overall. Furthermore, most yoga stretches can be done from your desk without any extra equipment!

Helps increase concentration levels

It’s easy to feel like a workday is going by fast and a never-ending pile of work just keeps getting bigger. When trying to take on difficult deadlines and manage workload, it’s natural to feel all over the place. It can be difficult to focus to complete tasks and make strategic decisions.

Yoga incorporates breathing and meditation exercises to help increase concentration levels. When you meditate and focus on your breathing, you shut out the noise on the outside. This simple act can help increase your focus significantly. Even the activity of doing some stretches helps increase brain function so that you can take on your to-do list successfully!

Helps improve team collaboration

In an environment where employees are agitated and stressed, it’s easy to see the team morale go down. Employees become visibly hostile towards each other which not only decreases the amount of team collaboration but also makes the workplace environment unpleasant.

Yoga classes serve two benefits in this scenario. Firstly, because they help decrease stress, they help diffuse tension that employees feel towards one another. This leads to a healthier work environment. Secondly, doing yoga together helps employees bond and have a sense of community. Because it’s a shared experience, it also serves as a team-building activity.

Overall, it can be said without a shred of doubt as research has shown that yoga is good for business. The wellbeing of employees has a direct impact on the bottom line for an organization. Motivated, less-stressed employees are likely to be more productive, collaborative and contribute more to their roles. So, sign up for yoga classes for your employees today and see the magic happen at you workplace too!

If you decide you’d like to get started with corporate yoga classes, you can check out our offerings here: We provide live stretching, breathing and meditation classes along with access to a video library for all your employees too. Get in touch with us today, and we’re happy to work something out for you!

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