Meet Our Team



Melody was born in Paris, France, and came to the USA through a tennis scholarship.


After spending over a decade in the corporate world culminating raises and titles, becoming the youngest managing director at 27 for a large international corporation, at 34 Melody experienced a tremendous burnout.

Knowing she had to take massive action, make a shift in her life priorities and reinvent herself, Melody decided to follow her passion for yoga and meditation, and founded Mindful Mob.

Melody's vision is to bring wellness and wellbeing into corporate America, in order to create a world where work makes you HEALTHIER, not SICKER

Melody has taught in several countries and practices around the world to deepen her practice and knowledge.​


Melody Campbell

Melody holds certifications in: Yoga 200-RYT, Mindfulness Corporate Consultant, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Reiki, Wall Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Breathwork, Sound Healing and Thai Adjustments. 


Melody aims to bring harmony of mind and body to the corporate world in order to overcome mental and physical burnout. Teaching simple, practical, and approachable mindfulness techniques designed to bring out the best in each person she encounters.

Chelsea Squillacote

Chelsea holds certifications in: Yoga 200-RYT, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Mindfulness Corporate Meditation.

Chelsea was born in Maryland and moved all over the country. In 2014 she landed in San Diego where she first found the practice of yoga and finally found a place to create a home base.

Chelsea fell in love with yoga because it changed her from the inside out. To chelsea, yoga is a beautiful tool she can use daily to nurture her mind, her spirit and let it be something she can always come home to.

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Gina Tang

Gina Tang is a musician, mother, and activist. After 16 years in the wellness industry, she has sharpened her focus around the power of collaborative sound healing to reduce stress and restore mental, emotional, and social balance.


With handpan and tongue drum as her tools of choice, she develops unique offerings for communities in need. Gina’s upcoming music meditation album, “Earth Hymns,” is scheduled for release in Spring of 2022. You can find her on Instagram at @ethereal_rising, and online at

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Jacqueline was born in Florida, raised in New Jersey, and moved for the 2nd time to San Diego in April 2018.

Jaqueline helped launch Mindful Mod, she remains a coach as well as a business partner of Mindful Mob. Her company is called The InBody Journey.

Jacqueline holds certifications in: Yoga 200-RYT, Mindfulness Corporate Consultant, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Reiki, Mindfulness Meditation, Deep Breathing Techniques. 

Yoga has always helped Jax feel strong in her body and mind. After working 12 years in the hospitality industry, in 2007 she decided to take her teacher training and went on to teach part-time while working full time. Her co-workers saw something in her that was shifting and asked if she’d guide yoga flows to staff. Quickly Jacqueline became a sought out yoga instructor in Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

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Yoga Teacher

Jenna Miller is a yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner.


With over a decade in the wellness world, Jenna specializes in helping students reduce overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout. She combines her expertise in yoga, nutrition, meditation, herbs, and her own experience of adrenal fatigue.


Jenna believes wholeheartedly in the resilience of the human spirit and the power of nature. Learn more at

Holistic Health Coach

Katelyn is a certified Holistic Health Coach + 200-RYT Yoga Teacher. She specializes in helping busy professionals restore their energy levels and feel empowered around food, through managing their cravings. 


Her simple, straightforward and fun approach to wellness promotes a supportive environment for each of her clients to move into greater levels of health that are sustainable beyond their time together. 


Katelyn's signature Food Freedom Method is available on her site Modern Girl Holistics.

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Yoga Instructor

Nazli grew up in a home that encouraged active living and healthy eating. Yoga found its place in her life in college, and began to work its wonders! After completing an initial 200-hour training, Nazli went on to complete over 500-hours of Advanced Teacher Training, is a Reiki Practitioner, and Nutrition Consultant.


Nazli places an emphasis on conscious breathing, and ties that in with a physical exploration of what the human body can do. She promotes structure to safely work through the physical practice, but also allows space to explore what works in each individual body.


Nazli emphasizes a light-hearted vibe and encourages laughter and working towards goals as a community. Each class will offer some inspiration to link the physical practice with a greater intention that can seep off of the mat.  Aside from her involvement in the yoga world, you can usually find her hiking up mountains, swimming and surfing in oceans, and cooking up plant-based foods!