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  • Corporate Yoga vs. Corporate Mindfulness Session?
    Yoga session promotes: Gentle Exercise, Stretching, Breathing techniques , Relaxation, Concentration, Meditation, Self awareness (body and mind), Introspection, Positive Thinking, and Heightened Sense of Common Goal. Sessions are 45 to 55 minuted long depending on your companies need. Space can be limited to 35 employees per class. If you have bigger demands we suggest adding classes daily or even 2 back to back 45 minute classes. Employees will want to change into athletic clothes. Mindfulness session promotes: Productivity through the simple practices of Mindful Movement (to help cultivate body awareness, refine or improve posture), Conscious Breathing Techniques (to start to learn to control our breath, calm nervous system down, bring mind into a calmer state) & Meditation (to help cultivate attention and focus). Harmony of mind & body leads to superior performance, more confidence, improved composure and engagement. Sessions are 30 minutes long, in your conference room, with no maximum number of participants and no need to change clothes. We teach your employees the skills they need to stay relax, receptive, creative and productive. Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation give employees the opportunity to experience calmness of mind, defeat fatigue, increase alertness and improve productivity while at the same time experiencing the advantage of optimal health. Classes are all-levels and are suitable for anyone, even absolute beginners.
  • Corporate ROI & Incentives to offering wellness programs?
    - Reduce health care expenses - Acquire and retain the best talent - Promote employee well being while reducing stress Companies who offer yoga and wellness programs to their employees show an average of $200 per employee reduction in their annual health insurance premiums. Additonally shows that with every dollar invested in the intervention process companies yielded $3 to $6 in health care savings per $1 spent as well as medical claim costs declined by $1,421 per participants. ROI Facts, Articles and Survey's: Fact: By 2030 the leading cause of disability will be depression (World Health Organization). Depression is the most disabling illness for the corporate sector, second only to cardiovascular disease. Long hours, sedentary sitting at a desk, and work related stress all contribute to mental distress. Study: Since smartphones have become prevalent in our lives our attention span has dropped from 12 Seconds to 8 seconds (Microsoft Study). This means we only have 8 seconds of presence in a conversation, conference call, meeting or reading an email before our minds wonders. What valuable information is lost? Mindfulness helps retrain your attention span to regain those seconds lost. Article: NY Times on results of Aetna’s Yoga & Meditation Programs by David Gelles. “...those who have (taken on-site programming at Aetna) report, on average, a 28 percent reduction in their stress levels, a 20 percent improvement in sleep quality and a 19 percent reduction in pain. They also become more effective on the job, gaining an average of 62 minutes per week of productivity each, which Aetna estimates is worth $3,000 per employee per year. Demand for the programs continues to rise; every class is overbooked.” TED Talk by Shawn Achor. “When your brain is at positive, intelligence rises, your creativity rises, your energy level rises…every single business outcome improves. Your brain at positive is 31% more productive than at negative, neutral or stressed. Article: Sitting is the New Smokingin Forbes by David Sturt, Todd Nordstorm & Tom Rath. Sitting more than 6 hours per day increases your likelihood of early death. Rath said, “Sitting is the most underrated health-threat of modern time.” Article:
  • What time of day and how often should session be offered?
    Anytime is better than no time. Most companies decide based on availability of conference room or company schedule. Since sessions are only 30 to 50 minutes we suggest using it as an opportunity for employees to take a controlled break mid-morning, during lunch hour, or around 2pm when employees tend to lose focus. Depending on the size of your company and conference room, some companies offer sessions daily and even 2x daily while others once per week.
  • Trial session? Prices?
    1st time trial session (non-event): $159. No limit on who can come enjoy the trial session. Event/retreat: $300 per event or hour. Additional quotes available upon request.
  • How do we book a session?
    Call us at the number listed top right of this page or email
  • Length of Class? How many people can join the session? Is it challenging?
    - All sessions can be modified* to fit your company schedule. (*price may vary) - For the Mindfulness Meditation we will work with a greater amount of people although depends on available space, we only require that each employee has a chair. - For Yoga we suggest classes of up to 35. If you have a greater demand we suggest offering 2 classes back to back of 45 minutes each. We charge a flat fee for our sessions** We reserve the right to review offering and contract price at each 12 month contract renewal. No. Our techniques are accessible to all & designed to enhance physical composure.
  • Do we need to change into gym clothes? Do attendees need to have prior experience with meditation?
    - For the Mindfulness Meditation, employees can come to a session in whatever they wore to work that day. - For the Yoga sessions we suggest employees bring yoga or athletic clothes. - First timers & long-time practitioners alike will get value from this.
  • What do we provide? What you provide?
    What we provide: - Certified and insured instructors - Survey of initial session sent to staff to recognize importance of offer What you provide: - Making sessions available to ALL staff members - Send weekly session reminders or have a permanent calendar reminder of weekly sessions (Remember this is a benefit to your company employees)
  • How do we get the message out to the staff about our upcoming session?
    We will work with HR to send a fun promotional flyer & link to a video you can share in a calendar invite. The content gives employees a sense of what they can expect in the session. Calendar invites sent by company to employees
  • Do we have to clear the conference room of furniture? Can we hold sessions in the company kitchen / open space?
    - Mindfulness sessions only require that each participant have a chair & some personal space for the mindful movement segment. You don’t need to re-arrange anything, we work with your environment, the experience is seamless. - Yoga sessions require more room but we have offered it in the midst of cubicles and outdoors on lawn. - Conference rooms are ideal since we can remove sound & visual distraction. Open spaces like kitchens aren’t ideal since employees are used to talking on their phone or using the microwave in this space. If you have to use an open space, try to make sure it’s as secluded and distraction free as possible.
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