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Benefits of Meditating

Thinking of taking up meditating? You'd be surprised to hear about the numerous benefits of meditating regularly!

Increases willpower:

One of the biggest obstacles of practicing meditation is to sit down and start meditating. With excuses old as time… “I have no time”, “my mind never quiets down”, I am too tired”, “I will do it later”, you realize you could have easily meditated in the time it took you to negotiate with yourself the reasons why you should start at a later time or date.

These excuses are nothing but unconscious resistance to change and often fear. Learning to overcome these excuses can be a challenge but if done, you learn to develop long lasting benefits to your body and mind, as well as develop a strong will that can be carried to any parts of your life.

Acquiring the force of will, is necessary to start a daily meditation routine. You will find meditation to produce profound benefits to the mind and want to increase the duration and frequency of your meditation as it will become far easier as well as something your body and mind pleas of you daily.

Improves concentration:

A common problem in completing daily tasks is a lack of concentration. An agitated mind tends to be attracted to any shiny object, often finding yourself thinking, or doing anything instead of completing the task at hand. Meditation helps ease and calm the mind as well as helps us learn to stay present.

While meditating, your attention increases to the present moment, you become more mindful and learn to stay focused on the present moment only.

Memory, focus and willpower are all trainable skills. Like any other muscles in the body can be trained to be stronger, meditation is the path to train the brain to stay sharp, giving it the ability to concentrate, learn and memorize pertinent information.

Living in the present moment:

How much of your day is spent on the present moment? We often don’t realize we are doing it but most of our present life is lived rethinking past event or anticipating future ones instead of appreciating and seeing the beauty in the "here and now”.

Meditation teaches us that past experiences are over, future ones are illusions and unproductive to the present moment in our life. With practice and increased awareness, we can learn to live a more fulfilling life.

Meditation is something you should not skip, even in a few minutes a day, the benefits are too immense not to be taking seriously to living a more fulfilling life. Take your time and trust the process. You will see so many changes in your approaches with people, life tasks and your health. Start with taking your time and listen to your breath, hands to your heart, eyes half-mast or softly closed and feel the moment, feel you, all of you.

Enjoy, Namaste.

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