Your Employees Health is your company’s Wealth



There’s no better feeling than being relaxed and focused at work.

We are a Corporate Mindfulness Company focused on helping employees be more creative, engaged, and successful.



Mindful Mob's mission

Overcome mental and physical burnout by sharing simple yet powerful wellness classes designed for the corporate environment.


Our Vision

Bring wellness and wellbeing into corporate America, in order to create a world where work makes you HEALTHIER, not SICKER.


Why Offer Corporate Meditation or Yoga

By investing in an employee wellness program, your company will:

  • Decreased employee turnover and Reduced absenteeism

  • Fewer workers compensation claims

  • Improved performance, mental clarity & increased positive energy

  • Reduced stress & more positive employee interactions

  • Increased creativity & productivity

  • Enhance company culture


VP Sales and Operations - MoneyThumb

”I have personally noticed an improvement in my ability to clear my thoughts and focus, not just after each session but throughout the week. I recently met with a few of my colleagues, all of whom commented on my clarity and focus after, and have since joined me for The Mindful Mob sessions. This is such an added value not only to our organization, but to each of us personally.”

Senior Director of Integrated Marketing  - UCSD

“Mindfulness Meditation is a game-changer for us. I feel lucky to work for a company that places value on health and wellness, and it is through our partnership with MindfulMob that we’ve been able to provide ways to make mindfulness and movement a priority at the office. Our sessions have become such an integral part of our routine that I now can’t imagine an time without it.”

Partner - Vickers Venture Capital

"My team reviews difficult acquisition matters daily, it can be emotionally and mentally draining. Mindful Mob's techniques help us get out of our heads and back into the present moment. We look forward to it every week."


“...those who have (taken on-site programming at Aetna) report, on average, a 28 percent reduction in their stress levels, a 20 percent improvement in sleep quality and a 19 percent reduction in pain. They also become more effective on the job, gaining an average of 62 minutes per week of productivity each, which Aetna estimates is worth $3,000 per employee per year. Demand for the programs continues to rise; every class is overbooked.”

How do you stand out when recruiting for new talent?

The largest corporations in the country, such as Nike, HBO, Forbes, L'Oréal and Apple all offer on-site Mindfulness & Yoga classes for their employees. These and scores more of companies from start-up’s to Fortune 500 consider yoga and meditation important enough to offer classes as a weekly or even daily employee benefit. Give us a call, we will get you started.